MANY Nigerians leave the shores of the country to improve their lot in life and that of their family members. They spend enormously to secure visa and other traveling expenses, which sometimes runs into a million. On getting to their destination they set audacious goal of  sending money back home to build or purchase a property. Family members expect you to do this since most people have done likewise. After settling for a while, they begin making arrangement for this purpose. To this end, most take up as many jobs as possible and often running shifts from one job to the other. They work so hard that there is little time for rest, relaxation and recreation. Then money start coming in gradually.

Some choose to send money to their brother in Nigeria to start up the building project. First, he will have to buy a suitable land. Sadly, when the money gets to the hand of the brother it is a completely different issue. The money is been diverted and used for different other purposes never before arranged. He begins to live a different lifestyle with your hard-earned money. He goes to clubs, having fun with different girls who are ever ready to yield upon the scent of money. He changes his ward-drop and begin leaving big. As you keep sending money down, he further expands his taste. He buys a car, drives around the community to the admiration and cheers of friends. They hail him. They bow in his approach in attempt to get him to drop some money for them. Of course, he wont disappoint them. Some purchase their own property and start developing it gradually, spending the leftover own your project.  All these happen over the course of time.

"The hen that lays the golden egg suffers great pain in the process, but the consumer eats the egg with pleasure"....Rutherford Chidi
All along you receive reassurance that the building project is moving on smoothly. At a point you develop some doubt and want to see the stage your building has reached. So you request a photo shot of the project. The so-called brother, having known that the truth is about to come to light, runs around and gets a photographer to snap somebody else’s building. This he sends across to you. Upon receiving it you are very happy. 
It is now time to come to the country to greet your loved ones and friends and most importantly  to see the house they built for you. Guess what happens!. You are taken to a building they claim is yours which is far from complete. From your calculation, you know that the money you have sent over the years is enough to erect a befitting structure. Now filled with disappointment, anger and  betrayer you vow never to come back to the country and never to send any money back home for whatever purposes.

The situation described above is all too common. Worst still it takes the cooperation of other family members for you to be carried away by such lies. Even some parents find it difficult to tell you the exact situation at home.


1.       Know your family very well. Can you trust them with such project? Analyse them very well. In money matters a lot of honorable people have abandoned their morals for quick financial gain.
2.       Have other information gathering source to monitor the project
3.       Give the project to a trusted, reliable contractor(click here to know more about the activities of some contractors) with a track record of good job.
4.        Leave nothing to chance. Do your best to know the level of work been carried  out.
5.       Contact us for more information about how to secure your building project.07031384722


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