This story am about to relate took place at Evbuotubu, Benin City. But I will keep the identity of the characters anonymous. Madam Osagie is a mother of six children. She bought a land many years ago. However, she did not have the money to develop the property. Many years passed and the land remained in this condition.

Fortunately, her first son traveled out of the country. After some time he came to Nigeria and decided to develop their mother’s plot of land. Eventually, he built two flats on it. The mother and other family members moved into the house. But after some years the mother passed on. Because of love for the property, the younger brother started to claim ownership of the said two flat. Trouble was brewing gradually. The younger brother wanted to sell off the property without the consent of the eldest brother. The dispute was growing by the day. The family was tearing apart quickly.

In view of this dispute, the eldest son came to the conclusion that he will bring down the building. We all thought it was a joke. Meanwhile, my boss decided to wade into the matter. But his mind was already made up. To our greatest surprise, we saw carpenters pulling off the roof of the building. In fact, the building was demolished.

Family dispute over property ownership is a common experience in Edo State. Many families have ended up in the court. Family members have become sworn enemies.


1.       How do we reverse this ugly trend?

2.       Have you had such experience in your family?


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