Face-me-i-face-you kind of buildings is always guilty of attracting troublesome tenants. One of such buildings has 14 rooms. Just imagine! This is civilian barracks. Quarrel is a common experience here. Following are the major reasons why tenants fight:
1.       Children fight: some children have been known to drag their parents into a full blown fight
2.       Poor sweeping habit: failure to sweep properly the other tenants space
3.       Gossip: when secrets leaks, fight is started
4.       Messing up the toilet: failure to flush the toilet properly after use could initiate quarrel, and if not controlled could lead to a fight
5.       Not participating in environmental sanitation especially when others are doing it
6.       Jealousy and envy: when you buy new things, the other tenant is not happy because you are making progress
7.       Lack of kitchen privacy: some tenants spy into what you are cooking, and have subject to gossip about
8.       Struggle to gain supremacy over the control of the compound: one stands out as the caretaker and gives rules to others to comply. Some resist this attempt by serving as a rival
9.       Bad manners, not greeting your neighbor the right way. Some pick offense if you see them and fail to greet them as if it is their birthright. Harbouring grudges as a result of this lay the foundation for enmity and cold shoulder treatment.
10.   Coming home late at night: knocking on your neighbours door or window is a habit that some cannot tolerate. They tend to ignore you and refuse to open the door just to teach you a lesson. You get angry, and you wait for a convenient time to treat others the same way. Trouble is gradually brewing


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