FOR over two weeks now  the top executives of Ogbes and Co. Property, Rutherford Chidi and Ogbemudia Airen, have had a grueling encounter with typhoid. During this period we  ran  way from the battle front to reinforce by  buying drugs from nearby chemist shop. This only led to a temporary cease fire. Typhoid and all his armies went back to the drawing board only to come back stronger and more deadly. All the drugs we bought could not withstand the now sophisticated typhoid. 

In my case, Rutherford, i was taken to the hospital where i was given a 21st century drug combatant. With this i picked up a bit. But for my boss, Ogbemudia Airen, he was defeated hands down. I write this post from his hospital ward this day 17, August, 2013.

  What could be responsible for this long drawn out battle with typhoid? Well, since am an apprentice in the field of medicine i dare not venture any answer. I leave this matter to the hands of medical  veterans. The good news is that he is now responding to treatment very well.

We have learnt our lessons.We are going to reduce the stress which am very sure was partly responsible for  this situation.As for you my reader, do not underestimate the harm stress could cause. The reason i decided to write this post is that as real estate agents this experience seriously affected our work. And now by Gods grace we will pull through.
In the hospital, 17 August, 2013. 

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