Property business could be fun especially when you have the secret on your fingertips. Knowledge of the secret does not come by chance. It could take you years of hard labour and toil to really discover what big time business men do on a daily basis. Those who acted upon discovery of property strategy business secret have risen from the ground level to the peak of success.

In this article, I reveal one of them. If your house is on a major busy express then there is goodnews for you. Going round Benin Metropolis, I have seen many houses situated on strategic locations. Most of them are quite old and bears the pattern  of past century. These buildings yield little in terms of rent. The one I saw at Sokponba road was even mud house on a 100 x100 feet land dimension. This property, from my careful valuation, should worth 45million. 

This is big money waiting to be tapped by the owner. The advice I give to such and similar landlord is: sell the property. Afterward buy another property, possibly a modern 2 flat for, say, 7million depending on the location. If a hard bargain drives the price of the old mud house to 40million, the landlord is still left  with a whooping 33million. Wao! Isn’t it a good deal?

With 33million cooling in his account, he could venture into other business that will yield reasonable profit. Better still, just go fully into property business. We help you search for areas that will appreciate faster. Additionally, we guide you to purchase a genuine land. Later you flip it. That is, you resell it and make huge profit. This business is as sure and profitable as the breathing of air. Act on this ultimate advice. Please let us know if you enjoyed this article. Cheers!

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Parapet is a common sight in modern buildings. It is gradually becoming a standard or a precedent for everyone contemplating erecting a befitting structure. The most significant relevance of parapet is that it protects the edge of roof assemblies from wind  uplift forces. When wind blows against a building it produces vortices at the roof edges that create huge pressure differences at roof perimeters that pull off roofs from buildings.(vortices refers to mass of air,etc that spins around very fast and pulls things into its centre). Parapets reduce these pressures.

These days burglars are found of breaking in through the roof down inside the building. But with parapet it is not possible to break in through that part of the house. Additionally, parapet enhances the over all beauty of the building. In fact, it catches the eyes and adds some aesthetic value to the environment.

It could pose a real danger for firefighters in cases of fire outbreak. Because of intense fire heat, it could collapse from top, thereby making it unsafe for firefighters to work under. On July 05, 2008, a 42 year old male volunteer fire chief was killed when he was struck by a collapsing brick parapet wall during a commercial structure fire.
Although this is not a danger in itself, it is expensive to build. For this reason, the average man need not consider the trend if he operates on a lean budget. A friend once told me that it could be as high as 250,000 to make.


Is there oil deposit in Edo State? The answer is a resounding yes. Before now I used to have doubts about the possibility  of crude oil in this state. Am convinced that we have rich natural resources deep down in the soil. Just recently I saw heavy duty machines moved to urhoghogho. 

At first when they were passing, the sheer number of them raised my curiosity. I  had to approach one of the workers who accompanied the machines to find out what it was. Their response amazed me. They are mobilizing their machines to site to begin drilling of oil. Later, I learnt that drilling would not begin immediately but rather the oil wells had to be serviced first. 
Moving equipments to site

I was reliably informed that an influential indigene of the host community negotiated with the company to employ the youths in that community. According to the information I gathered they are to be handsomely paid.

The indigenes of this community need to be smart. This is a fine opportunity to drag development to the area. They need to make sure that the company will live up to its corporate social responsibility. In Delta, where oil was first discovered in 1956, there was total neglect of the area and colossal destruction of the environment. It took so many years of struggle before development begin to reach that area. Do not let this happen to you.

IF the host community is smart enough, the rate of development will be high. This will indeed affect the general price of property in that area. That is properties will appreciate very fast. This is a good opportunity for wise investors to begin acquiring properties right now. 

Currently, a 200 by 200 feet land dimension sells for 2million. By the time the oil company begin drilling in earnest, the price shall hit the roof. In case you want to begin investing in that community, just contact us and we will assist you through the entire process. Getting a genuine property for you is our determination.
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Moving equipments to site


IT beats my imagination why certain clients simply pull the wool over our eyes. It all started when a client called me on phone that he was in need of a 3 bedroom apartment. When we finally met, I sought to know exactly what type of facility he wanted in the apartment. He explained that he needed the one with tiles in all the rooms. 

The apartment should also have a borehole, fenced round and compound floored. Trying to satisfy his need, I contacted my colleague. Together we checked at a new building. It had all the nice and cool facilities. The rent was 250,000 per annum. The client fell in love with it. Together we pressured the landlord to reduce the price to 230,000. The tenant bragged so much about his job. He said he was one of those rich oil worker. The landlord was persuaded that he had found someone capable to rent the apartment. Hmm. He then invited us in. he brought out wine and kola. We all drank to the joy and peace of the new bond.

The landlord gave his account number to the client to make payment the next week. We, the agents, all left with happiness that it was a closed deal. The day he promised to make payment soon arrived. He didn’t make any move. So we called him. The beginning of excuses had started. We phoned him many other days, but he kept turning us off. Finally, he admitted he was okay where he was. 


This is the story of a tenant who because of the landlords long absence decided to pose as the landlord. The tenant knew that the landlord hardly comes around. The house was in Benin City while the landlord stays in Lagos. For this reason, the tenant felt comfortable to rent out the house. By month end, he collects the rent without remitting to the owner. 

 This practice continued for a long time. Until recently, the landlord received the information about tenants attitude. He was furious. Then he decided to inform a barrister and the police about the development. Both stormed the house. Unfortunately, the tenant was not in, as at the time they visited.

Later, when the tenant got home, he was told about the unscheduled visits. He knew trouble was brewing, so he decided to run away. Gradually, he would sneak back in to pick some items, until eventually he packed out unannounced.