IT beats my imagination why certain clients simply pull the wool over our eyes. It all started when a client called me on phone that he was in need of a 3 bedroom apartment. When we finally met, I sought to know exactly what type of facility he wanted in the apartment. He explained that he needed the one with tiles in all the rooms. 

The apartment should also have a borehole, fenced round and compound floored. Trying to satisfy his need, I contacted my colleague. Together we checked at a new building. It had all the nice and cool facilities. The rent was 250,000 per annum. The client fell in love with it. Together we pressured the landlord to reduce the price to 230,000. The tenant bragged so much about his job. He said he was one of those rich oil worker. The landlord was persuaded that he had found someone capable to rent the apartment. Hmm. He then invited us in. he brought out wine and kola. We all drank to the joy and peace of the new bond.

The landlord gave his account number to the client to make payment the next week. We, the agents, all left with happiness that it was a closed deal. The day he promised to make payment soon arrived. He didn’t make any move. So we called him. The beginning of excuses had started. We phoned him many other days, but he kept turning us off. Finally, he admitted he was okay where he was. 


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