The strength of your building is a function of the constituent blocks. A finely molded blocks contributes to the enduring life span of your house. Today, it is all too common to find quacks parading themselves as block molders. In my survey, I have discovered that not all molders are able to produce the kind of blocks that will stand the test of time.
Why Some Blocks are Weak
1.       The sand composition if not thoroughly mixed makes rain to chip it away. Apart from this, merely lifting the block up, makes it to fragment and scatter.
2.       Excess quantity of sand in the composition. For maximum strength, a given number of blocks is produced from one bag of cement(minimum 30, maximum 40). Sometimes, greedy contractors steal some bags of cement when not monitored, and at the same time, try to produce the total number of blocks required from all the bags of cement.

Strong blocks, strong building
In view of the foregoing, building projects should not be left in the hands of quacks, because its overall short term and long term implication is enormous. Consult us today. Leave that project in our hands and we will take it up from scratch to that dream home you have desired. Our world-class experts hold to the best building practices.


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