There is a high record of collapsed buildings. The one that happened in Lagos, while still fresh in the memory, another one occurred in Benin City on Friday, 19th 2014 barely days after the Lagos incidence. Many were feared dead in both disasters.

1.       Poor foundation: foundation not strong enough to carry the heavy load of the storey building.
2.       Absence of soil test: before preparing the foundation careful and extensive soil test ought to be carried out to determine the soil type. Different soil has different load bearing capacity.
3.       If the building site was formerly used as waste dump, it could lead to structural breakdown by the time it decomposes.
4.       If there was a wood stump beneath, it could crack the building
5.       Using weak blocks. Some greedy contractors tend to use substandard materials for the project.
6.       Lack of properly reinforced beam and pillars/columns

1.       Consult with the experts before you begin that project
2.       It is good to monitor your project right from scratch
3.       You need a proper orientation
4.       Get the information you need on the go from us

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